Dennis the Dachshund Now Down 44 Lbs.

Dennis is ready for the snow to melt, namely because he has a Spring Break-ready body to debut.

Close to two years ago this Columbus, Ohio, pooch was an unhealthy 56 lbs. and could only walk a few feet before he needed to stop and catch his breath.

Since June 2013, with help from his new owner Brooke Burton, the dachshund has slimmed down to a svelte 12 lbs. and is ready for any activity, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

How Dennis the Dachshund Shed 43 Lbs.

These days Brooke Burton has a hard time keeping up with Dennis, her 6-year old Dachshund, who loves taking walks and chasing tennis balls. It’s hard to believe that this rambunctious 13-lb. pooch is the same obese pet she discovered in 2013 at the home of an elderly relative.

“My great-uncle was a hoarder, and I went over there to help clean his house,” Burton tells PEOPLE. “Then I saw this thing coming toward me like a slug. He would take a few steps and then have to rest.”

Teen Who Started Crowdfunding Campaign for Skin Surgery Gets Pro Bono Offer from Doctor

It’s been quite a week for Kaitlyn Smith.

The 19-year-old cashier from Portland, Tennessee, who lost 208 lbs. and started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for her skin-removal surgery, has received an outpouring of support since being featured last week in PEOPLE’s “Half Their Size.

“The feedback has been amazing, and so many people have reached out,” she tells PEOPLE.

These Real-Life Weight-Loss Winners Are Now Half Their Size

Weight-loss inspiration never looked so good!

These real-life dieters tell PEOPLE how they dropped a total of 778 lbs. by changing their once unhealthy lifestyles.

“I knew I was bigger than other kids,” says hairstylist Conner Rensch, 25, who shed 130 lbs. “I was bullied and would sneak food into the bathroom so people wouldn’t see me eat.”

Before his 264-lb. weight loss, 40-year-old Mark Bryant, 40, a VP for a dietary supplement manufacturer, says, “An extra-large pizza for dinner was the norm.”

Two Half Their Size Winners Drop the Denial to Drop 255 Lbs.

Half Their Size! How One Man Lost 264 Lbs. – the Healthy Way

Mark Bryant’s journey to losing more than half his size began with a simple Google search.

“I looked up ‘calories needed to maintain my weight,’ ” Bryant, 40, tells PEOPLE. At the time, he weighed 442 lbs. “I determined I needed about 5,500 calories to maintain my weight and that was just stunning to me. I was eating up to 8,000 calories a day.”

How had his diet gotten so out of control? “To me, food was immediate gratification. Going to the gym takes work.”

Teen Turns to Crowdfunding for Skin Surgery After Losing 208 Lbs.

Growing up, Kaitlyn Smith was always bigger than her five siblings. “I was constantly going to the doctor and being put on workout plans,” she tells PEOPLE. By sixth grade, the Portland, Tennessee, tween weighed 200 lbs.

Her diet consisted mostly of home-cooked Southern meals like pork chops and mashed potatoes with butter and salt. Plus she “spent summers at the local ballpark” because all of her siblings played sports. “Dinner would be nachos, cheese fries or mozzarella sticks,” says Smith, now 19.

How Two Half Their Size Winners Overcame Major Obstacles to Lose 357 Lbs.