See 2 Adorable Sisters Recreate Scenes from Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Meet the two youngest stars to ever appear in all eight of the Best Picture Oscar nominees!

Let’s qualify that

The Storino family of Chicago is at it again – with sisters Sophia, 4, and Sadie, 3, recreating scenes from all six films nominated in that category for this year’s Oscars ceremony, airing Feb. 22.

The family has done their Don’t Call Me Oscar photo shoot for five years now.

Your Guide to Awards Show Season Reaction Shots

Reaction shots are the (occasionally unintended) visual punchlines of award shows. For every tongue-in-cheek Martin Freeman reaction, there’s a stone-faced Frances McDormand smash-cut for Twitter to crow over.

So before the SAG Awards get underway, we’re taking a look back at some of the best “reactors” at awards shows and attempting to predict who’s going to be the one to watch this year.

Liza Minnelli Pulls Big Oscars Beauty Move: See Her Blue Hair!

The star-studded arrivals are just beginning at the Oscars, and we already have a head-turning hair moment to talk about: Liza Minnelli’s blue streak! The singer hit the red carpet with a bold electric blue highlight, adding some colorful drama to her classic pixie cut.

Anne Hathaway: What's She Doing in Gucci Cleaning Gutters?

It’s hard to look glamorous while cleaning leaves out of a rain gutter, but Les Misérables star Anne Hathaway, draped in a Gucci gown at PEOPLE’s photo portfolio of Oscar nominees, shows us she’s truly a woman of many talents.

And while in real life she may dress down a whole lot more for dirty chores, the Academy Award frontrunner says that at home, she’s truly just like everyone else.

POLL: How Many Minutes Past 3 Hours Will the Oscars Go?

The Academy Awards have a well-known tendency to run over their three-hour time slot, and it’s unlikely that this year will be any different, especially with two hosts instead of one and 10 best picture nominees rather than the usual five.

UPDATE: The official running-time of show was 3 hours, 37 minutes and 5 seconds!

So if you’re a gamblin’ man, guess how long the show will go: