Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Fun of Herself on Web Therapy

Those who think Gwyneth Paltrow takes herself too seriously need to watch this video clip.

The actress poked fun at her organic lifestyle in an episode of Showtime’s Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow on Wednesday, showing that she can shrug off her critics with a smile.

Paltrow, 42, plays Maya Ganesh, a new-age caricature who performs a prayer to “call in the light” before the interview even begins.

Lisa Kudrow Considers Her Nose Job 'Life Altering'

Even someone as assured as Lisa Kudrow struggled when she was in junior high and high school.

Recalling her teen years, the Web Therapy star, 50, told the Saturday Evening Post about the nose job that she got in high school, which she described as “life altering.”