True Detective Season 2 Finale Review: Multiplying Corpses, Dwindling Fascination

True Detective Season 2 wrapped up with a 90-minute episode Sunday night, and the heart of the mystery turned out to be what theorists had been speculating online recently. Not that it was ever obvious – you’d have had to be watching very closely from the start to come up with the right conclusion.

Spoiler alert about the killer/killers.

Can the True Detective Finale Redeem a Truly Disappointing Second Season?

Note to haters of season 2 of HBO’s True Detective: You have a point.

The series heads into its 90-minute finale Sunday with none of the intense anticipation that preceded the conclusion of season 1 in March 2014. Dissatisfaction with this sprawling but tepid L.A. noir – set not in Los Angeles proper but a scummy neighboring municipality called Vinci – has been voiced so clearly, HBO’s programming president recently assured the conference of the Television Critics Association that TD2’s conclusion will be very satisfying.

3 Things You Don't Know About True Detective's Abigail Spencer

Abigail Spencer seems to be everywhere this summer, starring on both True Detective (Sundays on HBO) and Rectify (Thursdays on SundanceTV), but how well do you really know the TV star?

Here are three things we bet you didn’t know about the 33-year-old Florida native.

True Detective Fans Need to See This Season Get the Starsky & Hutch Treatment

Have you been watching the current season of True Detective and thinking “Hey, this would be better with more car chases?”

True Detective Review: A Huge, Disturbing Mystery

By the end of the first three episodes of season 2 of HBO’s True Detective, you’ll begin to detect a huge, disturbing mystery, much as you might begin to detect a big, hairy, red-eyed spider as you make your way across a spider web. (This imagines, of course, that you have been made very tiny.) It’s powerful. And unnerving.

But you have to make your way across all that web first. The premiere is tons and tons of web – nothing but web: sticky and frustrating.

Vince Vaughn and Jimmy Fallon Try to Guess a Movie Title in Five Seconds (Video)

Can you guess the title of a movie in five seconds?

Vince Vaughn took on the challenge in a game called 5-Second Summaries with Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s Tonight Show.

Watch These 5 Murder Mysteries While You Wait for True Detective

With T-minus three days until season 2 of HBO’s crime anthology True Detective premieres, the hype has never been higher.

True Detective was a runaway success with its dark storyline, stunning cinematography and contribution to the McConaissance.

Colin Farrell Admits He Was Once a (Mistaken) Attempted Murder Suspect

Colin Farrell was once a suspect in an attempted-murder case: True or False?

The actor confessed his terrifying ordeal Thursday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon during a game called “True Confessions.” Farrell’s True Detective season 2 costar, Vince Vaughn, then grilled him for answers.

Watch Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Jimmy Fallon Play True Confessions

Was Colin Farrell arrested for attempted murder? Did Jimmy Fallon once get his head stuck in a fence? Did Vince Vaughn really sing and dance in a musical?

These were the questions that were asked – and answered – during a funny game of True Confessions on Thursday’s Tonight Show.

Watch the Intense New Trailer for True Detective

Internet, we’ve got a case to crack: What is going to happen in True Detective’s second season?

A new trailer for the HBO drama dropped Thursday, but it doesn’t make deciphering the anthology’s heavily-guarded plot any easier.