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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Explains Mystery Ring

Henry VIII may have married six times, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers – who plays the infamous king on The Tudors – isn’t playing catch-up just yet.

Although he’s been wearing a mysterious band on his left ring finder, the Showtime star said he’s not married.

“It’s from my girlfriend [Reena Hammer],” he told PEOPLE at the Sheraton New York Wednesday for the premiere of the show’s second season. “It’s an eternity ring. It’s got a little message to me, a secret message.”

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Sports Ring on His Left Hand

Jonathan Rhys Meyers hit the New York premiere of his new film August Rush wearing a ring on his left ring finger – but don’t jump to conclusions.

“It’s a ring from my girlfriend,” he confirmed to PEOPLE. (He’s back on with longtime love Reena Hammer, who was by his side for the event.) But are they engaged? “No, in love!” he exclaimed.

“I think it’s nice to go out with someone who is smarter than you,” Meyers has said of Hammer. “It’s very sexy. I believe the greatest erogenous zone in the body sits on your shoulders.”