Homer Simpson to Meet God and Ricky Gervais

All is not well in Springfield: Homer Simpson is going to die, warns The Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

But not to worry, Groening assured reporters at the British Comedy Awards in London. Once Homer argues with God, he finds that he misses his wife, Marge, and the children, Bart, Lisa and Maggie – so back to earth he goes, the New York Post reports.

Of course, it could be argued, God just doesn’t want Homer Simpson. “He tells God he should go back in time and change things that are wrong in the world,” says Groening. “Homer says Superman could do it.”

'Office' Star Gervais Has Last Laugh

Golden Globe winner Ricky Gervais was crowned the King of British comedy on Sunday – an honor he nearly missed, because the BBC initially forgot to nominate him, PEOPLE reports.

After being added to the ballot at the last minute, Gervais, 42, had the last laugh as he went home with two BAFTAs (Britain’s equivalent of the Emmy). Gervais won for best comedy performance, in “The Office Christmas Special,” and for best situation comedy.