Apprentice's Chris Arrested at Casino

The Apprentice contestant Chris Shelton – whom Donald Trump had asked if he has an anger-management problem – was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct early Sunday at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa.

Shelton, 22, a Nevada real estate investor, was taken into custody at around 3:30 a.m. and placed behind bars at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, reports the Smoking Gun Web site, relying on police records.

He posted $250 bail and was released by 11:30 a.m., according to the Seminole Police Department.

Trump Cans Apprentice's Angie for Choking

Here’s a tip for the remaining six Apprentice contestants: Don’t choke.

On Thursday night’s episode of the NBC show, Angie Harper’s muddled presentation to clients did her in, and the Donald made it clear that he doesn’t want anyone around who can’t stand up to the pressure.

“Angie,” said Trump, “you’re fired.”

So it was farewell to Net Worth’s 41-year-old gym franchise owner and single mother from Lake Balboa, Calif. – who is also a professional cabaret singer and songwriter.

Audrey Teed Off in Apprentice Golf Game

Not being able to control her street-smart Net Worth team spelled doom for Audrey, 22, a real-estate agent from Salt Lake City. Donald Trump fired her on Thursday’s episode of NBC’s The Apprentice.

Though Trump focused on her lack of leadership abilities, those working with and observing Audrey also noticed she suffered from temper tantrums and a disregard for loyalty – clashing with teammate John and betraying her best friend Angie. Some of the others also found her immature.

Tara Tagged in Apprentice Ouster

Tara, a 28-year-old Port Authority PR manager, was the latest contestant fired on Thursday’s episode of The Apprentice.

While Donald Trump’s latest candidate search splits the teams into those with college degrees, team Magna (“Book Smarts”), and those without degrees, team Net Worth (“Street Smarts”), Thursday’s show was an example of how to school Street Smarts in the ways of the street.

Kristen Canned in Apprentice Washout

Without a doubt, teams Magna and Net Worth both wish they could wash away the memory of disastrous showings on Thursday night’s Apprentice.

The night’s competition proved a complete flop for everyone and left Donald Trump severely irritated – neither team won the challenge – but it was Net Worth’s Kristen Kirchner who felt the sting most when she was sent packing.

Coffee Jolts Danny off The Apprentice

Rules are rules, and even Donald Trump has to follow them.

“Michael was terrible but Michael is exempt,” Trump announced on Thursday night’s episode of The Apprentice. Saying he had to go by the rules, the boss then bellowed, “Danny, you’re fired.”

The street-smart Net Worth team claimed victory over the book-smart Magna. The ousted Danny Kastner, 39 – the Boston-based CEO of POPstick, a digital media and technology firm – had been seen as an early standout in the first two episodes.

Donald Trump Evicts Brian After Motel Flop

Accused of “giving up” on a high-speed project to renovate a New Jersey Shore motel – and even telling Donald Trump, “You should fire me” – The Apprentice contestant Brian sealed his own fate on the reality show Thursday night.

“Brian,” said Trump, “you’re fired.”

Burger Job Fries Apprentice Hopeful Todd

A new season, a new victim. Viewers were barely allowed to get to know the “book smart” Todd, 34, an insurance sales manager from Florida, before he became the first player fired on the third season of The Apprentice Thursday night.

This season, the teams are split between those who went to college (with “book smarts”) and those who didn’t (“street smarts”).

Trump: Apprentice 3 to Add Twists to Game

Hardly one to let Santa get all of the attention this weekend, Donald Trump revealed more details about what’s in store for the new season of The Apprentice, scheduled to kick off on NBC Jan. 20.

As he teased on the second season finale, Trump plans to divide the 18 competitors not by sex, but by levels of education – with those toting college degrees on the Magna team, and those from the school of hard knocks (and only high-school diplomas) on the Networth team.

Trump: Apprentice 3 Is Under Way

CONFIRMED: Although 12 candidates still remain on the second season of The Apprentice, Donald Trump, 58, reveals that the third installment is now filming. “It’s going very well,” Trump tells the Associated Press. “It’s a great group.” Of last week’s firee, John Willenborg, Trump added: “He’s a great guy, a terrific man in many respects. But it was not a good week for John.”