Survivor: Palau Contestant Jennifer Lyon Dies at 37

Jennifer Lyon, who placed fourth on Survivor: Palau in 2005, died at her home in Oregon Tuesday night, PEOPLE has confirmed. She was 37.

The reality TV star was first diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer a few months after she wrapped Survivor, and opted for a modified, radical bilateral mastectomy, followed by courses of chemotherapy and tamoxifen, a drug used to prevent recurrence.

Former Survivor Battles Breast Cancer

Jenn Lyon had it all – beauty and reality-TV fame as a competitor on Survivor: Palau. Now, the 33-year-old tells PEOPLE about breast cancer – and why for her reconstructive surgery was the first step to feeling better

In the summer of 2004, I felt something in my right breast that didn’t feel normal. They always describe cancer in terms of a pea, right? Well, this was more like several rocks strung together. I thought it was probably scar tissue related to my breast implants. So I let it go for a long time.

Survivor: Palau's Katie Arrested for DUI

Katie Gallagher, the runner-up on this past season’s Survivor: Palau, was arrested last Wednesday for drunken driving in her hometown of Merced, Calif., reports the Associated Press.

Gallagher, 30, was held overnight and released the next morning, according to Merced County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Scott Dover. She has another court date slated for Oct. 31.

Firefighter Tom Wins Survivor: Palau

Tom Westman may have blasted some of the judges on Sunday night’s finale of CBS’s Survivor: Palau as “two-faced backstabbers,” but that didn’t prevent the New York City firefighter, 41, from winning the reality show’s $1 million prize.

Besides the money, which will be presented in a check delivered on Monday’s CBS Early Show, Westman – a 20-yet veteran lieutenant of the FDNY and the oldest victor in the history of the TV game – will receive a bonus: a yellow Chevrolet SSR.

Fellow Women Kick Caryn Off Survivor

By a unanimous vote, Ohio civil-rights attorney Caryn Groedel, 46, got sent packing on CBS’s Survivor: Palau Thursday night, after learning the hard way not to trust an alliance of women.

“Everybody’s been very deceptive, and I’m the one who starts speaking about it,” said Caryn, adding to those who betrayed her: “You ultimately have to face the music anyway.”

Who Should Win Survivor: Palau?

Survivor: Palau's Gregg Carey

Gregg Carey thought he had it made. The Chicago business consultant was one of the final six contestants on Survivor: Palau and part of a longstanding five-member alliance – plus he’d developed a close connection with his Koror tribemate, Jennifer Lyon. So when he won a reward challenge and chose Jennifer and her friend Katie to share his prize – a day of pampering aboard a luxury yacht – life seemed good. Little did he know that, while he was gone, his allies were plotting against him, and at the next tribal council, he was shocked to find himself voted off.

Gregg Gets Sideswiped on Survivor

FOOLED: The Koror alliance crumbled Thursday on Survivor: Palau, when 28-year-old Gregg Carey was sent to the jury after being ambushed by teammates Tom and Ian. Following his win for the reward challenge, Gregg took his Survivor sweetheart Jenn and fellow player Katie on a yacht cruise where the three plotted their road to the end. But back at camp Tom and Ian enlisted the help of odd-member-out Caryn, and decided to surprise Gregg, whom they felt was likely to go all the way.

Survivor: Palau's Stephenie LaGrossa

Stephenie LaGrossa proved to be the toughest member of Survivor: Palau’s Ulong tribe – she outlasted every one of her teammates and even fended for herself in their desolate camp. But the Philadelphia pharmaceutical sales rep’s strength made her a threat when she joined the Koror tribe. Ultimately, Koror voted her off, and she became the third member of the jury that will choose Survivor’s $1 million winner. LaGrossa, 25, recently talked to PEOPLE about making it on her own, getting love letters – and why she can’t wait for next season.

Stephenie Ends Her Run on Survivor: Palau

REMOVED: The end finally came on Thursday night for the once invincible Survivor: Palau player Stephenie LaGrossa, who had been the last Ulong member standing. But after failing to win immunity, the 25-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep from Philadelphia was voted out – unanimously – by her old rival Koror tribe, now leaving the competition between three women and three men. After her torch was snuffed, Stephenie said: “I was outnumbered by an entire tribe.