Survivor Couple Rob and Amber Say 'I Do'

Survivor stars Rob Mariano, 29, and Amber Brkich, 26, made their alliance legal at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas over the weekend

They tied the knot on April 16, before friends, family – and CBS camera crew members. Although their secret is out, just about everyone involved in the wedding was sworn to secrecy in hopes that the upcoming two-hour network special – Rob and Amber Get Married, set to air on CBS May 24 – will contain at least a few surprises.

Rupert Gets the Survivor Booby Prize

Rupert Boneham, the teddy bear from Indianapolis who was the viewer favorite during the last two Survivor games, won a $1 million consolation prize, as voted by 38 million viewers and announced during a special edition of the CBS show on Thursday night.

Three other men were the top vote-getters after the bearded Boneham: “Big Tom” Buchanan, Colby Donaldson and “Boston Rob” Mariano – who on last Sunday’s Survivor: All-Stars finale was named the runner-up to his fiancee, Amber Brkich.

Survivor All-Star Jenna Wins Her Man

Rupert Boneham may have been handed the $1 million on the special edition of “Survivor” Thursday night, but there was already good news for another player, Jenna Lewis, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.

The Survivor: Borneo and All-Stars, chatterbox talked endlessly about being a single mom who’d left her twins, Sadie and Sabrina, 7, behind in Burbank, Calif. Only she’s single no more: She has tied the knot with model Travis Wolfe, 21.

Now That's an Alliance!


At last there were no more backs to stab, no more stale rice to choke down, no more fat naked guys to avoid spooning with at night. There was only a long bus ride to the airport in Panama after the last tribal council for Rob and Amber, the two finalists from Survivor: All-Stars. “They were asleep and they were wasted away; I mean there was nothing left of them,” says host Jeff Probst, who rode with them. “But they were in each other’s arms and they just looked so content. I was watching them thinking, ‘This is a couple in love.’ ”

Cleaning Up After Survivor: All-Stars

Sunday’s finale of Survivor: All-Stars attracted more than 24 million viewers on CBS, according to preliminary Nielsen numbers. By comparison, the first Survivor finale, in August 2000, drew 50 million viewers.

But after Amber Brkich won $1 million and the heart of runner-up “Boston Rob” Mariano, the contestants took to CBS’s Early Show on Monday to air some of their dirty laundry.

Amber's Survivor Victory Has a Ring to It

It was couple’s night Sunday on the live finale of CBS’s Survivor: All-Stars, where Amber Brkich was the $1 million winner and her boyfriend, “Boston Rob” Mariano, won $250,000 as the runner-up.

Jenna Lewis received $175,000 for third place.

But Amber got a little bit more than she bargained for: a diamond engagement ring from Rob during an on-air marriage proposal that seemed to take even host Jeff Probst by surprise – though Rob said only his and Amber’s parents knew of his intentions.

Survivor Finale: Who Deserves to Win?

With “Big Tom” Buchanan’s getting the boot on Survivor: All-Stars Thursday night, the $1 million competition is now down to Rupert, Boston Rob, Amber and Jenna.

So who will win Sunday? The jury members, comprised of previously ousted contestants on the CBS reality series, spoke to PEOPLE this week about each finalist and their odds of winning:

Odds: 2 to 1
Pro: “Such a hard worker and so loyal,” says Shii Ann Huang.
Con: “Needs to get a little more cutthroat,” says Alicia Calaway.

Survivor: All-Stars Now Down to Final 4

It’s over for “Big Tom” Buchanan, the 49-year-old cattle farmer from Rich Valley, Va., whose Survivor: All-Stars run ended Thursday night as the CBS reality series had the bad fortune to run up against NBC’s “Friends” finale.

Tom’s ouster capped a particularly turbulent episode that pitted alpha males Boston Rob (Rob Mariano), Big Tom and Rupert Boneham against one another as Amber Brkich and Jenna Lewis kept their safe distance.

Reality Check

Is it real or is it just reality TV? As millions of Americans sit before the TV night after night, addicted to the fights, the dates, the rejections, the alliances, the betrayals, the shocks and reversals on hit shows like Survivor, The Bachelor and The Apprentice, the little voice in your head wonders: Is this the raw excitement of real, unscripted human behavior – or has the whole thing been cooked and arranged on a platter?

And the answer is … both.

Alicia: Sacrificial Lamb on 'Survivor'

This was a week for shocking ousters on reality shows. First came Wednesday’s booting of Jennifer Hudson on FOX’s American Idol. Thursday night, it was Alicia Calaway’s turn on CBS’s Survivor: All-Stars.

In the case of the Survivor: The Australian Outback veteran, she was a victim, in part, to Shii Ann Huang’s winning a difficult Immunity Challenge, as she was the only ex-Mogo Mogo member remaining.