Noah Wyle's Son Was Proud His Dad Was Arrested

The courts ultimately will decide how Noah Wyle will be punished for participating in a Medicaid protest in Washington, D.C., earlier this year.

But even if the law turns out not to be on his side, the actor still has the approval of one important judge: his 9-year-old son, Owen.

“I did talk to my son after I got released early the next morning,” Wyle, 40, tells PEOPLE. “I called him before school, and I explained what happened and that I was okay.”


NEWS BRIEFS: 'ER' Loses Breast Shot

DELETED: Days after Janet Jackson’s bared breast shocked the nation, NBC has agreed to edit out a brief shot of an 80-year-old woman’s breast from Thursday night’s episode of “ER.” “Though we continue to believe the shot is appropriate and in context, and would have aired after 10:30 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time, we have unfortunately concluded that the atmosphere created by this week’s events has made it too difficult for many of our affiliates to air this shot,” said an NBC statement.