Scott Baio and Willie Aames Have a Charles in Charge Reunion over Dinner

We haven’t heard rumors of any Fuller House-style reboots planned, but two stars of classic ’80s TV show Charles in Charge got together Tuesday night for an informal reunion. (What would an actual reboot be called? Charles More in Charge? Charles in Charge-r?)

Nicole Eggert Talks Charles in Charge Fashion, Baywatch Costars

Nicole Eggert was the object of countless crushes as fresh-faced teen Jamie Powell on ’80s sitcom Charles in Charge, later earning her red swimsuit as lifeguard Summer Quinn on Baywatch.

However, for her latest role, the blond beauty will be heard but not seen: Eggert, 42, costars with Mario Lopez in The Dog Who Saved Easter, in which the pair voice two amorous canines.

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