Average Joe Adam Splits with Samantha

Average Joe sweethearts Adam Mesh and Samantha Trenk are the latest couple to fall victim to the curse of reality romance, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

“It just didn’t feel like it was going to be the relationship to end all relationships for me,” says Mesh, who split from Trenk during a lunch date last week. “I still think she’s a great girl. It just didn’t work out.”

NEWS BRIEFS: 'Average' Adam Takes Trenk

PICKED: “Average Joe: Adam Returns” star Adam Mesh, 29, who was rejected by Melana Scantlin during the December finale of the original “Average Joe” series, made his final selection on the NBC show Monday night. And the lucky winner was Samantha Trenk, 24, from Bedminster, N.J. The show was taped three weeks ago, though the outcome was kept secret. On Monday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Mesh (without revealing his selection) told DeGeneres that he’s stayed in touch with his choice and they talk every day, a fact Trenk confirmed on Tuesday morning’s news programs.