100-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Washes Up on Beach in German Town

What could be the oldest message in a bottle ever found has washed up on the shores of Germany.

The message, released sometime between 1904 and 1906, was found in April in the German town Amrum, the CBC reports. The couple who found the bottle discovered a postcard requesting that the messaged be sent to the Marine Biological Association of the U.K.

Watch Bill Nye Take on His Haters (and Remain Totally Lovable) While Reading Mean Tweets About Himself

Like many celebrities before him, scientist Bill Nye confronted his critics on Friday, reading mean messages from Twitter users on camera.

Pull Over for hitchBOT, a Hitchhiking Robot Embarking on a Coast-to-Coast Tour of the U.S.

One hitchhiker making its way across the U.S. likely won’t have any trouble reaching its destination.

Meet hitchBOT, the human robot created by two researchers in Canada.

A Weight Off of Women's Chests: New Research Shows Men Prefer Intelligence to Breasts

Yup, that’s the sound of cynical women everywhere breathing a long sigh of relief.

A woman’s intelligence is considered far more attractive to a man than her breast size, according to University of Cambridge professor David Bainbridge, who researches evolutionary biology.

Intelligence, Bainbridge asserted at last weekend’s Hay Festival, shows that a woman is more likely to be a successful parent – which, evolutionarily, is more favorable than huge breasts.

NASA to Study Twin Brothers Scott and Mark Kelly, One in Space and One on Earth

Astronaut Scott Kelly has blasted off into space for a yearlong mission. The twist? A piece of him still remains on Earth – well, sort of.

Scott’s identical twin brother and retired astronaut Mark Kelly will undergo a series of medical examinations and genetic testing on U.S. soil while his brother is up in space, all part of a special NASA experiment called the Twins Study.

OMG! There's An Emoticon-Shaped Galaxy Cluster Smiling Down From Space!

Smile … you’re on Hubble camera!

While the fullest moon on the darkest night once appeared to be the only thing grinning up in the sky, a recent photo taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has proven a phenomenon that’s beaming even brighter: a smiling galaxy cluster.

Looking through the telescope at galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849, you can spot the galactic emoji by its large, bright orange eyes and its small white nose.

Fabien Cousteau Resurfaces After 31 Days Underwater

Fabien Cousteau says his 31-day underwater living experiment in the Florida Keys was a monumental success that used tools of which his famous ocean explorer grandfather could only dream.

Cousteau and a team of filmmakers and scientists dove June 1 to Aquarius Reef Base to study what effects climate change and pollution are having on a coral reef.

The crew started decompression Tuesday inside the pressurized lab, 63 feet below the ocean’s surface off Key Largo. They resurfaced Wednesday and returned to the Aquarius command center in Islamorada.

'Manhattanhenge' Is Thursday: Here's How to See It

Manhattanhenge returns Thursday night for the first of two 2014 engagements. If you’re in New York City, here’s how best to properly experience Neil deGrasse Tyson’s astronomical holiday.

Hear What Morgan Freeman's Voice Sounds Like on Helium

Morgan Freeman’s voice is so familiar from film roles, documentaries and commercials that it’s a surprise to hear it altered in any way, like if someone

Everything You Need to Know About the 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse

A “blood moon” lunar eclipse will occur in the night sky a few hours after midnight Tuesday, and as with many natural phenomena, people have a lot of questions.

Below, we will answer every possible question you may have about the blood moon.

Blood moon, huh? That sounds pretty metal!