Best New Upset: Best New Artist Grammy Winners Who Beat Out Bigger Acts

The Best New Artist Grammy is perennial fodder for think pieces, mostly because for every time the award has gone to a new artist who then gains fame and fortune, there’s another that’s gone to people who – perhaps sadly, perhaps deservedly – had somewhat truncated careers.

Hindsight is, after all, 20/20. Check out a handful of those Best New Artist head-scratchers below.

The Winner: Robert Goulet (1963)

Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn Separated Since Last Year

Despite the recent revelation that Elizabeth Vargas returned to rehab this week to battle alcohol addiction, a source says the ABC News anchor, 51, and singer-songwriter husband Marc Cohn parted ways months before this relapse.

Elizabeth Vargas and Marc Cohn Divorcing as She Returns to Rehab, Source Says

It’s a doubly difficult time for ABC News reporter Elizabeth Vargas.

After revealing her decades-long battle with alcohol addiction in November, this week Vargas, 51, announced she has returned to rehab, checking into a facility while on vacation.

Elizabeth Vargas to Pen Memoir About Her Struggle with Alcoholism

Elizabeth Vargas is going to open up about her battle with alcoholism in a new memoir.

The 20/20 co-anchor, who went to rehab in November, has sold the rights to the book to Grand Central Publishing, which will release the book in spring 2016. Vargas says she hopes that by telling her story she’ll be able to provide guidance to others who are battling addiction.

Elizabeth Vargas's Husband, Marc Cohn, Addresses Cheating Report

“Walking in Memphis” singer Marc Cohn is responding to a report he cheated on his wife Elizabeth Vargas while she was in rehab.

Elizabeth Vargas Leaves Rehab: 'I Am So Much Better'

Elizabeth Vargas has checked out of rehab after being treated for alcohol abuse.

“Hello everyone! I am home, and so grateful for all your support and well wishes,” Vargas, 51, Tweeted on Tuesday. “I am so much better and taking it one day at a time. :)”

Elizabeth Vargas Checks Into Rehab

Elizabeth Vargas has checked into rehab for alcohol abuse, PEOPLE has learned.

The co-anchor of ABC’s 20/20, who has recently been absent from the news show, confirmed in a statement to PEOPLE that she is currently in treatment.

“Like so many people, I am dealing with addiction. I realized I was becoming increasingly dependent on alcohol. And feel fortunate to have recognized it for the problem it was becoming,” Vargas, 51, says.

Elizabeth Vargas Balances Work & Motherhood

Elizabeth Vargas didn’t get much rest during her maternity leave: Since giving birth August 16, she’s been caring for newborn Samuel Wyatt, while trying to keep son Zachary, 3, happy as well.

“That mantra ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’, doesn’t work when you have a three year old,” Vargas, 44, tells PEOPLE. “I’m still struggling to find enough time to give Zachary all the TLC he deserves when I’m up around the clock nursing the baby.”

Marc Cohn Recalls Terror of Being Shot

In his first interview since surviving a gunshot to the head in a bungled Aug. 7 Denver carjacking, Grammy-winning singer Marc Cohn says he thought he was about to die.

“I touched myself and it was blood all over my hands, and my clothes,” Cohn recounted, according to excerpts of the interview released by ABC News, which will air the complete Q&A on Friday’s 20/20.

Suspect Caught in Marc Cohn Shooting

The man suspected of shooting Grammy-winning “Walking in Memphis” singer Marc Cohn in the head during a botched carjacking was arrested after a 5 1/2-hour standoff at an abandoned Denver house, say police.

Joseph Yachteen, 26, was taken into custody for shooting and slightly wounding Cohn and the singer’s road manager on Sunday night, Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson tells Reuters.