Owen Wilson Can't Stop Saying 'Wow' in This Supercut

Wow! Apparently Owen Wilson has a catchphrase.

The actor, who’s currently filming the Zoolander sequel, makes the exclamation a lot – so much, in fact, that one YouTube user created a supercut of all (or mostly all) of the instances.

Ben Stiller Confirms Justin Bieber's Zoolander 2 Cameo with a 'Blue Steel' Instagram

Justin Bieber is the latest “really, really, ridiculously good-looking” addition to the star-studded Zoolander sequel.

Filming is already underway for Zoolander 2, which hits theaters Feb. 12, 2016, and star and director Ben Stiller keeps teasing more famous extras.

Ben Stiller Reveals 'Son of Zoolander' on Instagram

Kristen Wiig Looks Unrecognizable in Character for Zoolander 2

We can only guess that’s not her Blue Steel face.

Kristen Wiig underwent an amusingly shocking transformation for her role in Zoolander 2.

The Bridesmaids star, 41, looks comically weird in an over-the-top power suit, cringe-worthy plumped lips and drawn-on eyebrows.

Splash Turns 30: 8 Memorable Mermaids from Pop Culture

Tom Hanks recently amazed audiences in the Academy Award-nominated Captain Phillips, and it was 30 years ago that the actor’s first major movie set sail. Splash hit the big screen on March 9, 1984.