Staying in on New Year's Eve? Here Are NYE Movies for Every Mood

New Year’s Eve is a night to get dressed up and throw back some cocktails in a beautiful setting with the people you love.

Unless, of course, you’re too sensible to deal with bad weather, traffic, rowdy crowds and the fact that everything costs extra on the night of Dec. 31.

The Farrelly Brothers Reveal Which Classic Dumb & Dumber Line Was Almost Cut from the Original

When Harry Met Sally... Turns 25: 10 Memorable Moments to Go with Your Exciting Deli Sandwich

Long before Ted Mosby wanted to woo Robin on How I Met Your Mother, When Harry Met Sally… was there to teach audiences about the drama and dangers that can arise from woman and men trying to be friends.

It’s been 25 years since the romantic comedy first hit theaters, and deli sandwiches still aren’t the same. The story of a guy and girl who met, hated each other, became friends, stopped being friends and then finally fell in love, When Harry Met Sally… continues to inspire other films in its genre.

'I'll Have What She's Having!' See When Harry Met Sally...'s Deli Scene Through Pop Culture History

It’s curious how the single best line in Nora Ephron’s script for When Harry Met Sally…, released July 14, 1989, is spoken by neither Harry nor Sally. Instead, it’s an unnamed character who reacts to Sally’s fake orgasm in Katz’s Deli with, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

(Skip to the 1:33 mark in case Meg Ryan’s impassioned theatrics aren’t workplace-friendly.)

8 Life Lessons from New Year's Eve Movies

When real life fails again and again to provide us with any valuable lessons, we turn to film. And as we bid 2013 a farewell (fond or otherwise), we’re looking to New Year’s Eve parties from the silver screen for guidance.

Flash Mob Recreates Infamous When Harry Met Sally Deli Scene

When Harry Met Sally posed many timeless questions. For example, can men and women ever really just be friends? And more importantly, how will fellow restaurant patrons react when one diner proceeds to moan ecstatically and pound her fists against the table, eventually emitting high-pitched screams of pleasure?

Nora Ephron Remembered by Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks

A true trailblazer, Nora Ephron leaves behind a legacy of always knowing the right (and wittiest) thing to say. She was “an expert in all the departments of living well,” according to Meryl Streep – one of many paying tribute to the late author-journalist-screenwriter-director, who died Tuesday at 71.