Transformers Stuntman Shawn Robinson Found Dead

Famed Hollywood stuntman, Shawn Robinson, was found dead in his hotel room early last week, Deadline reports.

Robinson was in the middle of work on Lionsgate’s new film Deepwater Horizon in New Orleans when he failed to show up to work on July 28. Another stuntman went looking for him and found Robinson dead in his hotel room.

Fans Prompt Transformers to Introduce New Female Team

Transformers fans have spoken, and they apparently were asking for more female robots.

Toy company Hasbro will introduce a new character to the Transformers universe: Victorion, a female “combiner” that itself is comprised of six other heroic female robots. The character is set to debut in comic form in July and in physical toy form thereafter.

Man in Transformers Costume Delivers Withering Anti-Selfie Rant to Theme Park Attendee

Megatron, the feared leader of the Decepticons in the Transformers franchise, dislikes many things. Freedom, for one. His rival Optimus Prime, for another.

And now we can add another thing to the list: selfies.

Seven Iconic Characters You Never Knew Were Voiced by Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem, the iconic radio host and voice actor, passed away Sunday at the age of 82.

For a certain generation, Kasem was the inimitably raspy voice of the American Top 40 countdown. However, Kasem had a long career as an actor, particularly as a voice actor. Here are seven memorable characters you may not have realized that Kasem was behind.

Old-School Toys vs. Your Kids': Who Had It Best?

Mark Wahlberg Bulks Up After Dropping to Just 137 Lbs. for Film Role

Mark Wahlberg is transforming back into the man he likes to be.

The celebrated actor lost 60 lbs. for his recent role in The Gambler – shrinking down to a mere 137 lbs. and looking nearly unrecognizable in photos – but he is bulking up again and nearly back to his comfortable weight.

Jack Reynor Engaged to Madeline Mulqueen

Jack Reynor, who stars in the upcoming movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, is engaged.

Reynor, 22, who is now shooting the film MacBeth with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, is set to wed fiancée Madeline Mulqueen, his rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. The couple has been dating for the past two years.

Transformers Director Michael Bay Attacked on Hong Kong Set

Hollywood director Michael Bay was attacked and slightly injured Thursday on the set of the fourth installment of the Transformers movie series currently filming in Hong Kong, police said.

A Hong Kong police spokeswoman said two brothers surnamed Mak who own a shop near the film set approached Bay and demanded 100,000 Hong Kong dollars ($13,000).

Megan Fox Struggled as Sex Symbol, Says Shia LaBeouf

Megan Fox famously feuded with Transformers director Michael Bay, once saying, “He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is.”

Fox’s former costar Shia LaBeouf explains the actress, 25, struggled with the “sex-driven role” and bristled under suddenly being “told she was the sexiest woman in America.”