Scary Tech: Unfriended Is Just the Latest Film to Mix Terror with Technology

Unfriended puts a social-media twist on the standard horror movie setup, “Hey, what if a ______ was haunted?”

In this case, it’s a sinister Facebook account and a Skype conference call that’s more evil than any you’ve had to sit through for work. Laugh if you want, but it’s surprising that it has taken this long for a horror film to take on social media and the teens who use it the way Unfriended does.

See This/Skip That: From Transcendence to Heaven Is for Real

It’s Johnny vs. Jesus at the box office this weekend, but which should you see? Depp dulls in Transcendence, but Greg Kinnear makes a real case for Heaven.

Johnny Depp: My Teen Daughter Doesn't Think I'm That Cool

We think he’d be the coolest dad in the world, but Johnny Depp admits that his teenage daughter, Lily-Rose, doesn’t think he’s all that.

The Transcendence star talked to Ellen DeGeneres on Friday and admitted that while he is “calmer” since he turned 50 and is a “pretty laid-back” dad, there are days when he just can’t do anything right as far as his daughter (who turns 15 in May) is concerned.