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Cameron Diaz Is Ready to Babysit Drew Barrymore's Daughters

Cameron Diaz had a big weekend as her new film, The Other Woman, hit theaters, but her plans had nothing to do with work.

Instead, the actress was finally meeting close pal Drew Barrymore’s newborn daughter Frankie, who arrived Tuesday.

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See This/Skip That: From The Other Woman to Locke

One man versus three women: That’s the box-office showdown this weekend, which pits Tom Hardy’s man-in-a-car solo showcase Locke against the jilted-gals comedy The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann.

So what’s worth catching – and what are you better off skipping? PEOPLE’s movie critic weighs in on the week’s notable releases.

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In The Other Woman, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann play romantic rivals turned best friends who team up to get revenge on a no-good man. They seem to get along well in real life, too.