Emilio Estevez Enthusiastically Live-Tweets Anaheim Ducks Game

Other than The Breakfast Club, Emilio Estevez’s best-known role is probably that of Gordon Bombay in the Disney classic The Mighty Ducks – and he seems to be embracing it.

Estevez, 53, acted as a major Twitter cheerleader for the Anaheim Ducks during their recent Game 5 overtime win over the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference finals.

Molly Ringwald and Simple Minds Honor 30th Anniversary of The Breakfast Club at Billboard Music Awards (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift wasn’t the only former teen icon to grace the audience with her presence at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards.

Initial Draft of The Breakfast Club Is Found in a High School Filing Cabinet

The brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess and the criminal – on paper for the very first time.

A first draft of The Breakfast Club was just discovered in a filing cabinet inside an Illinois high school – in the same school district where it was filmed – more than 30 years after the movie came out.

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Celebrate The Breakfast Club's 30th Anniversary with 30 Life Lessons

The Breakfast Club opened in theaters on Feb. 15, 1985. It has since become a classic, celebrated not only for capturing the decade from which it originated but also for nailing the hapless, yet hopeful angst of teenage life in any decade.

Celebrate Love and The Breakfast Club's 30th Anniversary with These Valentines

There are plenty of films about the troubles and triumphs of love in the ’80s teen movie canon.

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For National Cereal Day, We've Photoshopped Famous Movie Posters to Be About Cereal

Cereal: It’s what’s for breakfast (and lunch and, sometimes, dinner).

Which is why we’re happy that Friday is National Cereal Day, celebrating Americans turning their backs on the pork, beef and alcohol they used to enjoy in their morning meals in favor of oats, grains and corn syrup.