Emma Stone's New Edge

By: Julie Jordan with Jeff Nelson

She’s winning raves for her raw turn in Birdman – and taking on a broadway musical next. Why the actress is ready to embrace her fears and shake up her image.

Emma Stone claims she doesn’t believe in guilty pleasures.”I don’t want to feel guilty!” she says, laughing. Then she fesses up to one: astrology. “I know way too much about it, and it’s ridiculous,” adds the actress. “I know it’s not real…but it could be. We don’t know!”

Chris Zylka and Hanna Beth Are Engaged

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone aren’t the only Amazing Spider-Man actors in love: Costar Chris Zylka is engaged, according to a Tweet from his new fiancée.

'Final' Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Will Give You Chills

After months of teases, the final, official Spider-Man 2 trailer is out – and the flick looks pretty Amazing.

Viewers got a peek of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in early December as a wistful Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) kept watch over New York City and flirted with Gwen Stacy (real-life love interest Emma Stone). The new trailer – which Sony says is the last one – begins with high-flying fun.

Andrew Garfield: Shooting Hoops with Kids While Dressed in Spider-Man Costume?

Two young boys recently had an unexpected competitor join them on the basketball court.

Make that pretty much the coolest unexpected competitor imaginable.

While shooting hoops in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the kids were reportedly joined by Andrew Garfield, 29 – and the surprise visitor appeared to come straight from filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – he was still in costume.

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Find Spider-Man Inspiration in Hollywood

The Amazing Spider-Man meets Cirque du Soleil!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield spent Tuesday evening at IRIS, A Journey Through the World of Cinema by Cirque du Soleil at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Joined by Andrew Armstrong, the stunt coordinator for The Amazing Spider-Man, the couple walked into the theater with Garfield’s arm draped around Stone.

“It was their first visit and as they entered, Emma said ‘Ooohhh!’ once she saw the stage,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

The Amazing Spider-Man's Stars Have Brilliant Chemistry: Review

Let’s settle the debate. Did we need a Spidey reboot five years after his last outing? Nope. This Spider-Man’s solid script and capable effects simply aren’t vibrant enough to warrant rehashing high-school shutterbug Peter Parker’s life-altering spider bite. The performances, though – now those are extraordinary.

Start with the supporting cast. For gravitas, Martin Sheen and Sally Field play parental figures Uncle Ben and Aunt May, with Sheen giving Ben the fiery righteousness needed to orient Peter’s moral compass in darker days.

Andrew Garfield Shows Off His Basketball Moves

Andrew Garfield may be the Amazing Spider-Man, but he’s not so amazing when it comes to basketball.

While attending an event at the Madison Boys & Girls Club in Brooklyn on Tuesday, the leading man showed off his slam dunk skills – but judging by this pic, he might be better off sticking to his day job.

At least he was there for a good cause: Garfield, 28, and his Spider-Man costar Emma Stone, 23, were on hand to teach kids the importance of volunteering.

Emma Stone: I Have a History of Panic Attacks

Emma Stone is well known for playing brassy, confident characters in movies like The Help and Superbad – but the actress recently revealed something that fans likely wouldn’t expect: She grew up suffering from panic attacks.

Andrew Garfield: Emma Stone Keeps Me on My Toes

There’s no denying their on-screen chemistry in The Amazing Spider-Man – just check out that kiss. But Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone weren’t just faking it for the cameras.

Emma Stone Compares Kissing Ryan Gosling to Andrew Garfield

In last year’s Crazy Stupid Love, Emma Stone’s character prepped for a kissing scene with Ryan Gosling with the memorable line, “It’s like you’re Photoshopped!”