Why Super Size Me Director Morgan Spurlock Uses Humor in His Documentaries

He ate fast food for a month in Super Size Me and followed a boy band around the world for One Direction: This Is Us. So what drives Morgan Spurlock to make documentaries?

Filmmaker Puts the Big Bite on McDonald's

By putting the fast-food chain’s feet to the fryer, Morgan Spurlock is to McDonald’s what fellow documentary maker Michael Moore has been to General Motors and the National Rifle Association: a big, fat pain in the neck.

Spurlock is the man behind Super Size Me, which won the director’s prize at January’s Sundance Film Festival and which opens nationally on Friday. Putting his movie where his mouth is, Spurlock, 33, went on a one-month McDonald’s binge, eating only from its menu. As has been widely reported, his health rapidly deteriorated as a direct result.