Just in Time for Shark Week, We've Ranked Every Pop-Culture Shark

Sunday was the beginning of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, an annual celebration of the awesome might of these elegant creatures of the sea.

But while Shark Week focuses largely on real sharks (well, real-ish) we wanted to commemorate the sharks that we enjoy the other 51 weeks of the year – the friendly and fearsome sharks that fill up our popular culture. Which pop-culture shark is best? And, just as crucially, which pop-culture shark is worst?

Shark Tale Still Showing Box-Office Legs

The bite of Shark Tale just got deeper and the football flick Friday Night Lights is still getting its kicks, while the eagerly awaited puppet movie Team America: World Police got fairly strung out – doing only so-so business at the box office this weekend.

Shark Tale Swimming Strong at Box Office

Shark Tale is anything but all wet, with the computer-animated fish tale finishing first at the box office for the second week swimming er, running.

So far, the movie has hooked in $87.7 million, according to studio estimates.

Smith, Jolie, De Niro Close Venice Fest

The Venice Film Festival ended with a splash this weekend, as the world premiere of the computer-animated Shark Tale converted the city’s fabled St. Mark’s Square into a giant outdoor movie theater.

The voices behind the fishy film – Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro and Michael Imperioli – showed up, as did 6,000 fans to watch the movie on the world’s largest inflatable screen (six stories tall, painted Orca black, with 50 tons of water at its base to keep it stabilized).