How Rick Perry Became the Father 'Lone Survivor' Marcus Luttrell Never Had

Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell didn’t stop being a “lone survivor” until long after he escaped a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan in 2005.

The Houston native – whose bestselling 2007 memoir, Lone Survivor, was adapted into a 2013 film starring Mark Wahlberg – had no safe haven and no family to turn to when he first arrived back in the U.S. He suffered many ailments, both mental and physical. He became addicted to painkillers.

Mark Wahlberg: My Faith Is the 'Most Important Part of My Life'

Mark Wahlberg is upfront when it comes to discussing how his faith plays a central role in his life.

“It’s the most important part of my life. I don’t try to push it on anybody and I don’t try to hide it,” the Lone Survivor actor, 42, told Parade.

In fact, Wahlberg, who is Irish Catholic, often goes to church twice on Sundays.