Critics' Choice Awards: John Krasinski Crashes Emily Blunt's Acceptance Speech for a Kiss

What’s better than thanking your hubby in an acceptance speech? Kissing him on stage!

John Krasinski showed he still has some Jim Halpert-style tricks up his sleeve, surprising wife Emily Blunt as she accepted the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for best actress in an action movie Thursday night.

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Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt Wide Awake After 24-Hour, Transcontinental Premiere Marathon

Anyone traveling to three different countries and across the Atlantic on the same day is bound to be exhausted.

But not Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Tom Cruise Premieres Edge of Tomorrow in Three Countries in 24 Hours

Tom Cruise likes a challenge. But even he’s willing to admit that the idea of holding three film premieres in three different countries on the same day is a bit crazy.

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt Talk Stunts on Edge of Tomorrow: 'Never Compare Bruises'

Tom Cruise famously loves to do his own stunts – we’re still holding our breath from his death-defying dangle from the world’s tallest building in 2011 – but in his new sci-fi thriller, Edge of Tomorrow, he tackles his weightiest challenge yet in a gigantic metal suit.