31 Things That Defined the Summer of 1989

Despite what Public Enemy may have said, 1989 wasn’t just “another summer”. Though history is rarely that neat, the final summer of the ’80s saw the slow fade of many of the decade’s icons, as well as the launch of some of the ’90s’ most enduring pop-culture institutions.

Do the Right Thing Turns 25: Photos from Brooklyn's Celebratory Block Party

As noted on Sunday, Do the Right Thing turns 25 on June 30. And while the film is very much of a specific time and place, it has certainly moved into the “timeless” category, which is why it (and its director, Spike Lee) are being honored by Brooklyn.

The Obamas Reminisce About Seeing Do the Right Thing on Their First Date 25 Years Ago (VIDEO)

Spike Lee’s groundbreaking and iconic film Do the Right Thing came out 25 years ago June 30. On Friday night, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art hosted a screening and Q&A with Lee, Public Enemy rapper Chuck D (who wrote the film’s theme, “Fight the Power”) and actors from the film.