Telekinetic Prank Video Actress Calls Sudden Stardom 'Insane'

How does it feel going from unknown actress to overnight sensation?

For Andrea Morales, star of the super-viral coffee-shop prank video to promote the upcoming remake of Carrie, it’s been a scream.

“Absolutely insane,” Morales tells USA Today of her experience over the past week, as the YouTube clip has amassed over 40 million views. “I don’t even comprehend those numbers.”

See This, Skip That: From 12 Years a Slave to Carrie

If there’s one film to see this year, it’s 12 Years a Slave, a wrenching but rewarding historical epic.

Surprise! The Spookiest Pranks to Hit the Internet

The bewitching hour must be upon us! With October in full swing and Halloween fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to embrace the spooky spirit of the season, and a marketing company behind the upcoming remake of Carrie did just that. Building a fake wall and employing a stuntman, viral video makers Thinkmodo treated customers at an N.Y.C. coffee shop to a shocking display of one woman’s telekinesis. While the stunt was definitely startling, it’s not the first to have us shaking (sometimes from laughter) in our boots.

Chloë Grace Moretz: My Mother Is Doing Great

Chloë Grace Moretz brought a very special plus-one to the premiere of her film Carrie – her mom.

The actress, 16, hit the carpet Monday in a floor-length Valentino dress and was joined by her entire family to celebrate her big night.

The starlet – who had asked her Twitter followers last week to pray for her mother without further elaboration – was excited to have her join in the festivities.

'Telekinetic' Girl Terrifies Customers in Prank

What if telekinetic anti-heroine Carrie was a real person?

Well, for starters, her dry cleaning bill would be huge. And she’d obviously terrify random people when she made things (and people) move with her mind.

To promote the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s 1974 novel Carrie, viral video marketing company Thinkmodo created the following prank, unleashing a telekinetic, Carrie-like customer on a New York coffee shop.

Chloë Grace Moretz Asks Fans to Pray for Her Mom on Twitter

Devoted daughter Chloë Grace Moretz has issued a heartfelt request on behalf of her mom, Teri.

“Please pray for my mama Carrie actress Tweeted on Tuesday, without elaborating on the reason why.