Bette Midler Reissues Her 1980 Memoir A View from a Broad

She wowed at The Oscars and now Bette Midler, 68, is reminding fans of her wit with the reissue of her 1980 memoir, A View From A Broad.

“I read it again about six months ago and it’s really charming to revisit [that time],” she tells PEOPLE. “In a funny way, it’s the diary that I would have written if I had lived in wonderland.”

December 1988 Was the Best Month for Movies, with Beaches, Rain Man and Working Girl

A quick glance at the films released in 1988 is a lesson in cinematic history.

The year saw comedy classics like Beetlejuice, Scrooged, The Naked Gun, Coming to America, Big and Big Top Pee-wee along with canon-making movies like Giuseppe Tornatore’s heartbreaking ode to film Cinema Paradiso, Hayao Miyazaki’s animated My Neighbor Totoro, Pedro Almodévar’s Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and, of course, Die Hard.