Ian McKellen: How Coming Out Made Me a Better Man (and Actor)

It was love at first sight.

After just one trip to the theater with his parents, a young Ian McKellen was hooked.

“I enjoyed what I was watching so much that I wanted to see how it was done,” the actor, 76, tells PEOPLE in the magazine’s latest issue.

And even though he still gets “excited” every time he walks backstage, there was another aspect of performing that the young man from Lancashire, England, found intriguing.

'Yay! Cumberbabies!': Readers React to Benedict Cumberbatch's Engagement

It’s no mystery that the surprise engagement of Sherlock Holmes actor Benedict Cumberbatch to Sophie Hunter on Wednesday would set tongues a-wagging – and some hearts a-breaking.

The emotions expressed on social media were far-reaching, and here are just some of the better reactions to the news that Cumberbatch is now off the market?

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Engaged to Marry

In this era of social media and email, there was something warmly traditional about Benedict Cumberbatch’s wedding engagement news Wednesday.

The Sherlock Holmes and 12 Years a Slave actor let the world know that he was off the market the old-fashioned way: In the births, deaths and marriages column of The Times.

What's Next for Dragon Tattoo Star Noomi Rapace?

When Noomi Rapace won the role of the gutsy Lisbeth Salander in Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films, she knew it would change her life. But not quite the way she expected.

“I thought everyone would hate me!” says Rapace, 30, who transformed herself into an androgynous, punky, chain-smoking computer hacker for the three Swedish movies. “The readers of the books have such a strong relationship with her as a character, I thought they’d never accept what I did with Lisbeth. It felt like a suicide mission to accept the role.”

Which New Movie Will You See This Weekend?

This year, Christmas offers some starry gifts for moviegoers – an array of movies in all genres. But which flick will you be lining up for?

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