Buy the Batmobile: A Replica of Batman's Car Could Be Yours

Calling all cave-dwelling billionaires who dabble in crime fighting: the Batmobile is for sale.

A road-ready replica of the Dark Knight’s vehicle, similar to the Tumbler used on the set of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins starring Christian Bale, has gone on sale for a cool $1 million – mere couch change for lonely tycoons.

A Baby Girl for Christian Bale and Wife

Christian Bale and his wife, Sibi, welcomed their first child, a daughter born in a Santa Monica, Calif., hospital Sunday night. No name has been announced.

The 6’2” Welsh-born American Psycho star, who has finished shooting his leading role in the upcoming Batman Begins, and his wife have been married for five years.

Bale, 31, apparently tried to keep news of her pregnancy secret – until the happy event of the baby’s arrival reportedly made him change his mind.

Liam Neeson Considers 'Batman' Role

“Batman” is set to fly again on the big screen, and Liam Neeson is eyeing a role in the star-studded cast, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Neeson, 51, who was most recently seen in 2003’s “Love Actually” and will star in “Kinsey” as famed sex guru Alfred Kinsey later this year, will appear opposite Christian Bale, who will play Bruce Wayne and his Caped Crusader alter ego, Batman.