Brosnan and Costner Create Sundance Buzz

The Sundance Film Festival used to be about young filmmakers breaking through, but this year it’s about middle-aged actors looking for a second wind. Pierce Brosnan, Kevin Costner, Michael Keaton and James Woods all show up in unlikely roles in movies screening in Park City, Utah.

Of the group, Brosnan and Costner come off best, both scoring laughs playing boozehounds. Brosnan is a hoot as a salty-tongued hit man in The Matador, a sharply written comedic thriller that has been picked for distribution by Miramax.

Stars Flock to Sundance Film Fest

If you want to see stars at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, which runs through Jan. 30 in sunny Park City, Utah, forget going to movies. Oh, sure, you could have seen Daniel Day-Lewis at Sunday night’s premiere screening of The Ballad of Jack and Rose (directed by his wife, Rebecca Miller) or Kevin Costner the night before at the opening of his new comedy-drama The Upside of Anger. But the easiest way to star gaze is to simply follow the free swag.