Me-Wow! Kickstarter for Kitty Hamster Wheel Far Exceeds Goal with Nearly $100,000 Funded

Got a fat cat? This Kickstarter has an interesting answer to fighting pussycat pudge: hamster wheels!

10 Things Your Cat Wants Right Now

Your cat is a lot like . A smart, sophisticated, larger-than-life personality who loves the finer things. June is Adopt-A-Cat month, and we’ve pulled together our favorite things for your fierce feline – from hysteria-inducing toys to sleek cat trees, these are items that your cat needs to live her best life.

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Build-A-Bear's Cool Cats & Hot Dogs Are Big Summer Fun

our kids may have had big laughs last summer dressing the dog in a bikini or putting a lei around your cat’s neck – and we can bet your furry pal wasn’t impressed.

This summer, there’s a way to play dress up with nary a bark or hiss from the cat or dog: Build-A-Bear’s Cool Cats & Hot Dogs collection, a new line of stuffed animals that are all adorably accessorized for the dog days of summer.

REVIEW: Planet Dog's Wood Chuck Should Chuck Tennis Balls, Too

My dog is not a fetcher. He’s more of a … sitter. Or a farter maybe, on certain days. So for the sake of this experiment, I borrowed my neighbor’s German short-haired pointer, Ruby, who may be the best ball retriever in the world, or at least on my street. I took Ruby to the local elementary school field to test Planet Dog’s new Wood Chuck ball chucker.

Kitties Will Go Cuckoo For New Kong Toys

Cats are mysterious creatures, but there are three things we know for sure about them: they love to sleep, they love to eat, and they love catnip. Now there’s another thing we can add to the short list: KONG.

The company’s new cat toys – the Kitty KONG and KONG Cat Wobbler – were a bonafide hit with our feline testers. From the moment the toys were taken out of the package they were cornered by curious feline noses.

'Fantastic Pets' Turns Your Home Into a (Virtual) Zoo

If your children had their way, there would be six puppies, six kittens, and a pony hanging out harmoniously in your living room, playing fetch from the coffee table to the fireplace, then falling asleep in a cute pile on the couch. There’s actually an upholstery-friendly way to make this scenario a reality for your kids: Fantastic Pets, a new video game for Xbox 360 Kinect ($49.99).

We're Hooked on Ami Ami Dogs Crochet Book

Ami Ami Dogs: Seriously Cute Crochet had us at Kon’nichiwa.

The book ($14.99, Harper Design), which is available starting today, is a 72-page how-to guide to Amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting stuffed animals. Amping up the adorable factor is the fact that every project showcased in the book is dog-inspired.

Etsy Fave! Unleash Your Inner Artist With Animal-Shaped Crayons

We’re all aware that crayons come in 64 vivid colors. But who knew that they’re also available in so many different shapes and sizes?

Lil Doodlers, an Etsy shop that specializes in custom crayons, features 44 different animal-shaped implements. The critter-inspired creations are the brainchild of Barry Pippin.

Etsy Fave! Purr-fect Stocking Stuffers for Your Cat

Christmas is coming; have you figured out what to get your cat? There’s still time to find the purr-fect gift for your favorite feline – in fact, we chased down a few fun, tasty treats on Etsy.

REVIEW: Nina Ottosson's Dog Brick Sharpens Canine Minds

I consider myself lucky to have Ethel, my consummate city dog. She’s small, portable and doesn’t need to run laps around the park everyday. Still, she’s 10 years old, I want to keep her as healthy and stimulated as possible. I didn’t think I was doing that as well as I should. I used to wonder a lot about whether she was just, well, bored.

No more. Reader, I have found a stopgap to my Maltese’s boredom. Its name is Dog Brick.