D.C. Couple Moves to New Orleans to Build Homes for Over 900 Families Still Affected by Hurricane Katrina: 'We Couldn't Leave These People Behind'

Colorado Army Sergeant 'Beyond Lucky' to Have Survived Lightning Strike on Motorcycle During Rush Hour

Eugene Villines has spent the past week stuck in a hospital bed, doctors and nurses tending to his broken body, as he asks himself why he is still alive.

“I feel beyond lucky to still be here,” Villines, a Colorado National Guardsman, tells PEOPLE.

He should.

On Aug. 17, while riding his motorcycle back to Greely, Colorado, from his active-duty post with the National Guard’s aviation unit, Villines noticed an afternoon storm rolling in.

'Wrong Place, Right People': U.S. Servicemen, Passengers Speak Out after Foiling Possible Terror Attack on European Train

The three Americans at the center of a successful effort Friday to thwart a gunman’s possible terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train got one more in a long line of thanks you this afternoon – this one from President Barack Obama.

5-Year-Old Girl Credited with Saving Mom and Baby Brother After Their Car Drives Off the Road

A little girl’s quick thinking apparently saved the lives of her mother and brother after the mom said she nodded off at the wheel and drove their car down an embankment, causing serious injuries to both herself and her infant son, the CBC reports.

Teen with Cerebral Palsy Advocates for Children Around the World: 'I Just Don't Think About My Disability'

Sixteen-year-old Lucy Meyer was born with cerebral palsy, but that has never once stopped her from pursuing – and achieving – her dreams

The Los Angeles, California, native won two gold medals for swimming in the Special Olympics and served as vice president of her 8th grade class.

Life after 428 Days in Quarantine: Family Isolates Themselves to Save Their 5-Year-Old Daughter with a Deadly Disease

The number 428 means everything to the O’Neill family.

It’s the number of days that they have been living in self-imposed quarantine – in hopes that it will lower the chances of their daughter Eliza become sicker.

Every morning, they cross off another day on a large piece of paper that hangs in their kitchen.

On Friday, the family spoke to PEOPLE about they will continue living this “unconventional life” because their daughter, along with her big brother, Beckham, 8, mean more than anything to them.

12-Year-Old North Carolina Shark Attack Victim Released from Hospital

The 12-year-old girl who lost her arm when she was attacked by a shark on June 14 has been released from the hospital.

Kiersten Yow was in Oak Island, North Carolina, when the incident happened.

Twins Who Survived Rare Cancer At Birth Celebrate 8th Birthday

Eight years ago, Michigan parents Alissa and Michael Dunn got a double dose of terrible news when they learned their identical twins Madeline and Isabella were both born with a rare cancer – and that the cancer appeared to have been passed from one daughter to the other in the womb.

Now cancer-free, the twins celebrated their eighth birthday over the Fourth of July weekend.

“We’re just so in love every day, we’re so thankful,” mom Alissa tells PEOPLE.

But the future wasn’t always so certain.

32-Year-Old Who May Starve to Death from Rare Disease: How My Family Is Helping Me Survive

'I'm Starving to Death and I Can't Help It': This 32-Year-Old Woman Is Fighting to Save Her Life