Frustrated Relatives of MH370 Passengers Demand Answers as More Aircraft Debris Is Found on Réunion Island

Family members of the passengers of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 expressed frustration with officials on Thursday for sending out conflicting information on whether a piece of the plane had been found.

Last week, a 10-ft. fragment, which has been identified as a flaperon from a Boeing 777, was found on Réunion island, a French territory east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

Debris Found on Island in Indian Ocean Belongs to Missing Flight MH370, Malaysian Prime Minister Says

A 10-ft.-long piece of debris recovered last week belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the country’s prime minister confirmed in a press conference Wednesday.

The fragment, which has been identified as a flaperon from the missing Boeing 777, was found off the coast of Réunion island, a French territory east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

Girlfriend of American on Missing Flight MH370: 'A Part of a Plane Is Not the Same as a Body'

The girlfriend of an American who was on board Malaysia Flight 370 has said that the potential discovery of a piece of the missing plane is bittersweet.

“I hope it isn’t [from the plane] because that means there’s still a thread of hope,” Sarah Bajc, whose boyfriend Philip Wood was on the aircraft when it went missing on March 8, 2014, told the Today show on Thursday morning.

She added: “But if it is, that might help us find the airplane.”

U.S. Official Believes Debris in Indian Ocean Belongs to Missing Malaysia Airlines

On Wednesday, officials found debris floating in the Indian Ocean that put them one step closer to solving the mystery of the Malaysian Airlines flight 370, that disappeared without a trace in March last year.

Has a Piece of Missing Flight MH370 Been Found on an Indian Ocean Island?

More than a year after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mysteriously vanished en route to Beijing, a piece of the plane may have finally been found.

Malaysia Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Australia After Fire Scare

Malaysia Airlines, which has been plagued by tragedy over the past 15 months, had another scare Friday when one of its passenger jets made an emergency landing in Australia after the crew was alerted to a possible engine fire.

One Year Later: Malaysia 'Remains Committed' to Search for Missing MH370

One year after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and the presumed death of its 239 passengers, the Malaysian government “remains committed to the search, and hopeful that MH370 will be found,” Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a Facebook post.

AirAsia Plane with 162 Onboard Missing in Indonesia

In the third air incident connected to Malaysia this year, an AirAsia plane with 162 people on board disappeared Sunday while flying over the Java Sea after taking off from Indonesia’s second-largest city for Singapore.

The two countries immediately launched a search and rescue operation for Flight 8501, but there was no sign of the plane more than seven hours after it lost contact with ground control.

Parents Remember Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Who Switched Planes (VIDEO)

President Obama: One American Onboard Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight