Soccer Star Kelley O'Hara on World Cup Win: 'We Always Expected' to Be 'Raising That Trophy'

Life is good right now for Kelley O’Hara, who helped lead the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team to its historic World Cup victory earlier this month.

“I feel grateful for everything,” O’Hara, 26, tells PEOPLE. “I feel excited for the team and women’s soccer in general. I think that the women’s team is bringing attention to the sport and America is responding positively.”

Taylor Swift Honors US Women's Soccer Team at Concert

The U.S. Women s National Team had a pretty great week, winning the World Cup on Sunday before being fêted in an historic ticker tape parade in New York City – and then Taylor Swift pulled them onstage at her Friday night show in New Jersey.

U.S. Women's Soccer Team Honored with Historic Ticker-Tape Parade Down New York City's 'Canyon of Heroes'

The U.S Women’s Soccer team made history Friday when they were honored in New York City with the first-ever ticker tape parade for a women’s sports team.

Following their World Cup win Sunday, the entire 23-member team proudly wore their gold medals as they rode 12 floats down the ‘Canyon of Heroes’ to a cheering crowd of thousands.

Victorious U.S. Women's Soccer Team Paid 40 Times Less Than Male Counterparts

The U.S. Women’s National Team scored what may well be its most high-profile victory ever on Sunday, and more sports fans than ever have been given good reason to follow women’s soccer.

Re-Live the Stunning Highlights from the Women's World Cup Final (VIDEO)

The U.S. Women’s Soccer team gave a thrillingly dominant performance against Japan on Sunday, turning in a 5-2 victory so riveting, even Beyoncéamong many other celebrities – took notice.

Captain America Carli Lloyd on World Cup Win and Her Unforgettable Hat Trick: 'There Was Something Different in the Air'

Soccer star Carli Lloyd hasn’t “slept a wink” since Sunday’s FIFA Women’s World Cup win in Vancouver. But after helping bring the team to victory for the first time since 1999 – and a historic hat-trick – how could she?

Let's Go Girls! Meet the Stars of the U.S. Soccer Team Headed to the World Cup Finals

Prepare yourself for some serious girl power.

'#LetsGoGirls': Twitter Cheers as USA Advances to the Women's World Cup Finals

The Internet launched into a collective “U-S-A” chant on Tuesday night after America defeated Germany in the Women’s World Cup semifinals 2-0.

The USA Women’s National team advances to the final for the second straight World Cup, making it the first country to reach four championship matches.

The team will play the winner of the Japan and England semifinals matchup in the July 5 final.

Gold Medalist Hope Solo Went to Therapy to Address 'All the Pain and Anger'

Hope Solo: I Want People to Forgive Me

Hope Solo has a message for parents whose kids worship the turf she stands on – people make mistakes.

The two-time Olympian soccer player whose logged a record 78 career shutouts as a goalkeeper told Robin Roberts on Good Morning America Wednesday that she hopes people forgive her. The athlete, 33, was recently suspended by the U.S. women’s national soccer team after acting belligerent when her husband was arrested for driving under the influence. She was not arrested or detained.