5 Dream Activities for Jared Leto's Summer Camp

Attention campers: Your potential summer plans just got much cooler, courtesy of Jared Leto.

The Oscar winner and his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, are hosting Camp Mars, a three-day, two-night outdoor extravaganza that will give fans a chance to hike, cook, meditate and get to know the great outdoors (and the band) in Malibu, California. According to the Camp Mars website, campers should “expect to share your living space and live in a wonderfully communal way.” (“Share” and “Jared Leto” are some of our favorite words.)

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'JaredHugginLeto' Is the Newest Weird Meme You Need to Know About

Just when you thought the world was safe from any more Jared Leto memes, the Oscar winner innocently posted this picture of himself hugging a tree on his Instagram, and the world has never been the same since.

People picked up on the easily-Photoshopped image and quickly started adding Leto to a variety of situations, like

All the MTV Movie Awards Winners and Their Heartfelt Thank Yous

Jared Leto is on fire.

After a red carpet complete with costumed puppies and a cameo-filled intro by host Conan O’Brien, the MTV Movie Awards kicked off Sunday night – and just like the Golden Globes and the Oscars, the Dallas Buyers Club actor came away with a win.

Jared Leto Has Already Nicked His Oscar, Keeps It in the Kitchen

That didn’t take long.

Jared Leto’s shiny new Oscar is no longer as flawless as his gorgeous locks – it already has a ding.

Jared Leto's Favorite Thing About Awards Season? The Chance to Thank His Mom

Jared Leto could surely have his pick of dates, but there’s one very special woman who’s been the apple of his eye this awards season – his mom!

Jared Leto Calls Golden Globe Nomination 'Absolutely Insane'

On Wednesday night, he rocked the stage with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars. By Thursday morning, Jared Leto was now a Golden Globe nominee as well as a rock star.

“I’m so happy!” Leto, 41, told PEOPLE of being honored for his portrayal of an HIV-positive, transgender drug addict in Dallas Buyers Club. “I haven’t made a film in almost six years and to return to this kind of enthusiastic support is absolutely insane.”

Jared Leto Has a Question For You: Should He Cut His Hair?

The actor/musician asks fans for advice on his next hairstyle

Jared Leto Breaks Nose During Concert

It’s a tough break for Jared Leto: The actor broke his nose at a recent concert by his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

Leto, 35, was performing in El Paso, Texas, on Thursday when he ran into the crowd and was rushed by fans, a spokesperson for the band’s record label tells MTV News.

The Chapter 27 star also hurt his foot and suffered minor injuries to his face and body.