Walmart Apologizes for Making ISIS Cake After Refusing Confederate Flag Cake

Retail chain Walmart has apologized for making a cake decorated with the flag of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) for a man who was previously refused a Confederate flag-themed cake.

In response to his ISIS cake, Slidell, Louisiana, resident Chuck Netzhammer posted a YouTube video calling Walmart out for the apparent double standard. In the video, Netzhammer explains that he requested the first cake be decorated with the Confederate flag and the text “heritage not hate.”

Walmart, Amazon, eBay and Sears Stop Selling Confederate Flag Merchandise

Shoppers hoping to buy Confederate flag paraphernalia at the nation’s leading retail outlets will have to look elsewhere: These products are being pulled from shelves.

Man Buys PlayStation 4 Bundle from Walmart for Christmas, Sold Box of Rocks Instead

Joaquin Phoenix Rallies Celebs to Protest Walmart's Pig 'Cruelty'

The pigs waiting to be turned into pork products sold at Walmart have some famous new allies in Hollywood – and it’s all thanks to Joaquin Phoenix and his friends at Mercy for Animals.

Walmart Apologizes for Labeling Plus-Size Halloween Wear as 'Fat Girl Costumes'

The Walmart site was neither a trick nor a treat for shoppers on Monday: The retailer caused an uproar among online customers when they labeled its selection of adult plus-size Halloween outfits “Fat Girl Costumes.”

Twitter user Kristyn Washburn was among the first to bring the faux pas to the company s attention – and alert everyone on social media – when she Tweeted, “.@Walmart Not sure labeling these as “Fat Girl Costumes” is the best approach. #rude.”

Attorney for Injured Tracy Morgan Says It's Unclear if He'll Ever Perform Again

An attorney for Tracy Morgan has revealed that the 30 Rock star suffered a brain injury when a Walmart tractor-trailer smashed into his limo bus this summer, and it remains unclear if the comedian and actor will ever perform again.

Tracy Morgan Speaks Out: I Did Nothing Wrong

On Monday, Walmart denied responsibility for a car crash involving one of its truck drivers and comedian Tracy Morgan, which left Morgan seriously injured and a fellow passenger dead.

Morgan has issued a statement on Walmart’s position, including their claim that some of the injuries sustained could have been prevented with seatbelts.

Teenage Boy Hides in Walmart Aisle, Lives There for Four Days

Walmart prides itself on being the place where you can “Save Money, Live Better,” and one Texas teen took that motto to the extreme recently, camping out hidden in one of his local superstores for four days.

5 Dead in Shooting at Vegas Restaurant, Walmart

Long-Lost Siblings Find One Another – at Walmart

The lives of five brothers and sisters born in North Dakota who were separately adopted at infancy took the twists and turns that 50 years bring. Some moved to different states; some married; some had children. But none of them ever knew the others existed.

Then, the obituary of their biological mother presented a clue. And when they finally met, one brother realized he wasn’t so unfamiliar with one of his siblings. John Maixner had been greeted a half a dozen times or so by his sister at their local Walmart in Dickinson, N.D., where she has worked for 23 years.