Bachelors Matchmaker!

Hook up six hot guys (Josh! Terrence!) with some fun dates, and get ready for PEOPLE's Bachelors issue, on newsstands June 16. By Caryn Midler and Julia Wang

  • JOSH LUCAS, 34 photo | Josh Lucas

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Updated: Tuesday Jun 06, 2006 | 06:00 AM EDT


The Poseidon actor, who once dated Salma Hayek, says he's ready to get hooked in the sea of love.

Whom should he date?
Jessica Simpson, 25: The Texan can offer the Arkansas native some southern comfort.
Keri Russell, 30: The M:I 3 star can show the New York transplant all the Big Apple action.
Mia Maestro, 30: His Argentinean costar can spice up his love life.