Jack Osbourne Reveals How He Helped Unconscious Woman in Hawaii

Jack Osbourne

Ethan Miller/Getty

updated 10/12/2012 AT 3:00 PM ET

originally published 10/12/2012 AT 4:00 PM ET

Jack Osbourne to the rescue!

Although the newlywed, 26, doesn’t take full credit for bringing a drowning woman back to life, he certainly aided in the process.

“I was approached by a family member telling me he had just seen a woman being pulled out of the water who’d drowned,” Osbourne, who has been honeymooning in Hawaii, writes on his Facebook page, of the Oct. 8 incident. “I grabbed my friend Tyler who was a former Army operator and we went to see if we could be of assistance.”

Pointing out that he is a former police reservist who has a lot of CPR training as a first responder, Osbourne goes on to say, “I am not an EMT or paramedic, but I have assisted in resuscitating individuals in the past.”


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