Lady Gaga: How to Stop Bullying One Compliment at a Time

Lady Gaga, at Harvard on Feb. 29, 2012

Brian Snyder/Landov

updated 03/01/2012 AT 10:00 AM ET

originally published 03/01/2012 AT 10:50 AM ET

Lady Gaga’s ambitious new Born This Way Foundation aims for nothing less than to have kids rethink and rework their entire social structures. And she has some specific ideas for how that might work.

Asked by Time how an 11-year-old girl might follow Gaga’s advice and become more empowered, the singer-songwriter, 25, replies: “She could go up to one person in class who maybe is not one of the cool kids and say, ‘I really like your T-shirt.’ That would be her one great loving and accepting deed for the day.”

That would be a brave step, which is what the whole initiative is about – combatting meanness and cruelty and inspiring bravery in young people to work toward a more accepting society.


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