Biggest Loser’s Roy Pickler: I Worked Out Too Much

Biggest Loser’s Roy “Santa” Pickler


updated 02/19/2012 AT 10:00 AM ET

originally published 02/20/2012 AT 4:45 PM ET

Contestants are often eliminated on The Biggest Loser because they were not working out enough. Roy “Santa” Pickler says he was had the opposite problem.

Pickler says he was “doing workouts off-camera and when the groups weren’t together and often before the [trainer] workouts started in a day,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “I think that led to the group suspecting I wasn’t giving it my all when in reality I was just tired.”

Even though Pickler lost nine pounds at the weigh-in, he was sent home in a unanimous vote over other teammates who had loss much less weight.

“I’m an engineer by education and in an engineer’s mind that’s a logical approach,” Pickler said of his vote to eliminate Kimmy, who had lost only 4 lbs. “But it was obvious that as we went through other eliminations that I don’t have the same line of thinking as the rest of my team members.”

The Red Team cited Pickler’s “distance” and the fact he was “distracted” as the reasons he was sent home – a perception Pickler says was all a misunderstanding.

“Two weeks prior to getting voted off [my wife] Chris and I both had emotional meltdowns and we went off and worked through our personal issues. It strengthened our marriage,” he explained. “Had [the team] known that they probably would have understood and I probably wouldn’t have been voted off when I was.”


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