Jersey Shore: Who’s to Blame in Ron & Sam’s Biggest Fight Yet?

updated 02/11/2011 AT 10:00 AM ET

originally published 02/11/2011 AT 11:10 AM ET

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Sure, Ronnie and Sammi’s relationship has always been punctuated with fights – some of them have been really mean and nasty. But on Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore, the feuding, on-again, off-again couple took it to another level.

Even their jaded roommates – who’ve had plenty of their own drama – seemed disturbed by the vicious name-calling, violent room-trashing and overt attempts to make each other jealous that happened before a night out. (Watch a clip above.)

After coming home from a club, where she danced suggestively with another guy within view of Ronnie, Sammi found her room turned upside down, her belongings tossed outside and her glasses smashed. She decided to confront Ronnie once again.


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