Julia Roberts Vs. Charlize Theron: Who Makes a Better Evil Queen?

Charlize Theron (left) and Julia Roberts

INF: Abaca

updated 12/14/2010 AT 6:00 PM ET

originally published 12/15/2010 AT 8:40 AM ET

Mirror, mirror on the wall who would make a better Evil Queen?

With Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron reportedly in talks to vamp it up as dueling Evil Queens in two upcoming Snow White movies, the question is: Which one has the chops to pull it off better?

Although Roberts – who’s currently in negotiations to star in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, according to Deadline Hollywood – spent the summer traipsing around the world in Eat Pray Love, she did show a sharp edge as a feisty activist and mom in Erin Brockovich, for which she won an Oscar.

Then again, Theron – who’s reportedly in talks to put on the Queen costume for Snow White and the Huntsman – won an Oscar, too, but she played a serial killer in that film, aptly titled Monster.

Both beautiful, both Oscar winners. But which one has the capacity to scare audiences the most?


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