Couple to Get Fairy Tale Wedding Thanks to Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien and Sarah Killen

NBC, Courtesy Sarah Killen

updated 03/08/2010 AT 5:00 PM ET

originally published 03/08/2010 AT 5:20 PM ET

Conan O’Brien may seem like an unlikely fairy godmother – but he has made one Michigan woman’s dreams come true.

Two weeks ago, the late-night comedian decided to follow a stranger on Twitter. That person is 19-year-old Sarah Killen from Fowlerville. “I’ve decided to follow someone at random,” O’Brien tweeted. “She likes peanut butter and gummy dinosaurs.”

Killen hasn’t been the same since.

“He’s changed my life,” she tells PopEater.

Most importantly, she can now have her fantasy wedding, thanks to all the attention O’Brien has drummed up for her.


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