Should Rihanna Be Careful with Matt Kemp?

Rihanna and Matt Kemp

Arnold Turner/FilmMagic; Edruvalcaba/LondonEnt/ Splash News Online

01/25/2010 AT 5:40 PM ET

Just when it seemed like a drama-free romance was blooming for Rihanna, questions have surfaced about the singer’s new beau, L.A. Dodgers star Matt Kemp.

In June 2008, Kemp’s ex-girlfriend, Felisha Terrell, filed a temporary restraining order against him, alleging she endured “constant verbal abuse and threats… . He has other people calling me, stalking me and I feel very afraid for my safety.”

The case never went beyond the restraining order and both sides agreed to move on.

But the details surfaced almost exactly a year after Rihanna was battered by her previous boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, following a pre-Grammy party. The pair split up and Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault and was sentenced to six months community labor.

A rep for Terrell quickly released a statement, saying, “To be clear, Matt was never physically abusive to Felisha.”


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