George Takei Insists William Shatner Invited to Wedding

George Takei and William Shatner

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updated 10/24/2008 AT 11:00 AM ET

originally published 10/24/2008 AT 11:15 AM ET

Star Trek’s George Takei says former costar William Shatner has no right to be offended about not being invited to Takei’s recent wedding – because Shatner actually was invited but never bothered to show up.

Shatner, 77, recently posted a YouTube rant in which he accused Takei, who worked with and has known Shatner for nearly 40 years, of snubbing him – and possibly being psychotic.

Takei tells Entertainment Tonight that it was Shatner who was being petty about the wedding, which many of the remaining original Star Trek alums attended – but not the man who played Captain Kirk.

“It is absolutely baffling to us because, in fact, we did invite Bill and we didn’t hear from him,” Takei, 71, says. “But it wasn’t surprising because it’s true to his history. He’s never responded to an invitation. Every time there was something happy to celebrate amongst us … he never showed up. – Michael Y. Park

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