World Cup Soccer Stars and Their Celebrity Twins

Aron Jéhannsson and Kevin Bacon

Noah Berger/AFP/Getty; Moviestore Collection/Rex USA

updated 07/01/2014 AT 3:00 PM ET

originally published 07/01/2014 AT 11:15 AM ET

World Cup fever has got its hold on the globe, creating an outbreak of crazed patriotism in every sports fan it touches. Americans are stocking up on their soccer know-how, and, as a result, are learning about all the hunky footballers who make up each country’s team.

The World Cup’s roster is overflowing with talented athletes – some who also happen to sport superstar looks. In fact, it’s easy to mistake a few of these players for famous faces we already know. Proving that some things are so nice nature made ‘em twice, check out these popular footballers and their celebrity doppelgängers.

Kyle Beckerman and Jason Momoa

Aron Jéhannsson and Kevin Bacon

Noah Berger/AFP/Getty; Moviestore Collection/Rex USA
You know what would make America’s game against Belgium even more intense? Replacing Team USA’s dreadlocked midfielder with Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo.

Clint Dempsey and Nev Schulman

If anyone can catfish Schulman into believing he is in an online relationship with himself, it’s Team USA’s captain.

Aron Jéhannsson and Young Kevin Bacon

It’s time for yet another Footloose remake, starring the fancy feet of this Team USA player.

Omar Gonzalez and Adam Driver

Here’s what Girls’ Adam would look like if he put a shirt on and tried smiling every once in a while.

Tim Howard and Common

This American goalkeeper is a prime example of the doppelgänger magic that can happen when you simply add a beard.

Gerard Piqué and Liam Hemsworth

Shakira’s boyfriend and Spanish star Piqué couldn’t survive the World Cup, but maybe he should try the Hunger Games next?

Mesut Özil and Vincent Cassel

It’s all in the eyes for German player Özil and his actor twin.

Cristiano Ronaldo and a Boy Band Member

That smile, that hair, those eyebrows! Twitter’s most popular footballer doesn’t look quite like a Backstreet Boy or an ‘NSYNC-er, but he has all the parts (brows, hair, smile, fit physique) to make an ideal boy band addition.

Luis Suérez and a Parrotfish

Okay, so a parrotfish isn’t a celebrity, but my, what big teeth this pair has! All the better to “accidentally” bite you with, my dear.

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