The Notebook 10 Years Later: 10 Touching Moments That Still Bring Out Our Inner Romantic

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook

New Line/Everett

updated 06/24/2014 AT 3:45 PM ET

originally published 06/25/2014 AT 12:35 PM ET

Ten years ago The Notebook romanced its way into theaters, leaving audiences drained of tears and fully convinced of Ryan Gosling’s leading-man qualities.

Over the decade that followed June 25, 2004, some things have changed. The squeal-inducing cuteness of Gosling and Rachel McAdams’s real-life relationship is no more. However, The Notebook continues to be required viewing for high school girls (and their begrudging boyfriends).

The past 10 years have only served to ripen this tale of two star-crossed summer lovers, Allie and Noah, who persevere – despite meddling parents, lost mail and even a war – to keep their relationship alive. To honor and prove The Notebook’s continued ability to warm, break, tear out and mend our hearts again and again, here are our picks for the movie’s most romantic moments.


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