Ryan Seacrest Gets Beach-Ready This Summer with the Bikini Kleanse

Ryan Seacrest and an ad for the Bikini Kleanse

Courtesy Ryan Seacrest; Inset: Getty

updated 06/24/2014 AT 10:25 AM ET

originally published 06/24/2014 AT 11:25 AM ET

Looking svelte in a bathing suit isn’t a goal that should be reserved only for the ladies.

Just ask Ryan Seacrest, who has copped to attempting something called the Bikini Kleanse to get himself beach-ready this summer – and he doesn’t care what you have to say about it.

“Trying this out all week … it’s called the bikini kleanse. Don’t judge,” he captioned an Instagram photo he posted Monday night of a poster advertising the “kleanse.”

According to the Kreation Organic website, the Beverly Hills-based company offers 100 percent raw, organic and gluten-free juices (with names that include “50 Shades of Green”) delivered frozen or shipped locally, in addition to two “kafes” in Southern California.

Curious about what Seacrest’s kleanse journey will entail?

According to the “What to Expect” section of the website, it sounds like the American Idol host and entertainment mogul will feel rather cranky when he starts – and fabulous once he finishes.

On day two, symptoms can include hunger, weakness and irritability, yet the hunger supposedly subsides by day three. At the end of the week, the cleanse promises that Seacrest should be feeling clear-minded – not to mention on his way to an enviable beach body.

We look forward to seeing the results.


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