Iranian Women Express Freedom by Taking Off Their Hijabs in Facebook Photos

From the Facebook page Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women

Courtesy Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women

updated 05/15/2014 AT 1:05 PM ET

originally published 05/14/2014 AT 11:30 PM ET

The latest Facebook phenomenon: Iranian women, posting beaming photographs – without their traditional headscarves, known as hijabs.

The Facebook page, called Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women, was created by Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad. It has garnered more than 183,000 “likes” in two weeks.

Although many women proudly choose to wear a hijab, these women see it as an expression of freedom to go without their head coverings.

“I have no intention whatsoever to encourage people to defy the forced hijab or stand up against it,” Alinejad told The Guardian. “I just want to give voice to thousands and thousands of Iranian women who think they have no platform to have their say.”

Below, see more photos from Alinejad’s Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women.

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